Out and Successful

Out and Successful is all about queer Asian people who are strong, inspiring, creative and proud to be queer. If you’re proud to be out, then you’re successful! To learn how to be a part of Out and Successful check out the Contribute! tab above.

We want to emphasize the fact that success in this context means being out and proud, so while you may find that you don’t have a lot in common with our previous interviewees, as long as you’re out and proud, you qualify! We want to hear from everyone!

December 2012

9th – Alison Lin

March 2012

19th – HyeJohn Chung

29th – Greg Cendana

22nd – Tawny Ha

8th – Faith Kong

January 2012

26th – Mandy Hu

December 2011

26th – Leow Yangfa

20th – Vanessa Huang

4th – Tania De Rozario

November 2011

26th – Erica Cho

14th – Toshio Meronek

August 2011

19th – Timothy Wang

July 2011

30th – Kevin Huang

June 2011

28th – Masashi Niwano

2nd – Cori Wong

May 2011

29th – Sony

22nd – Jason Galisatus

9th – Angelica Gacayan

2nd – Ben de Guzman

April 2011

18th – Qian Li

February 2011

17th – Mia Nakano

October 2010

14th – Madeleine Lim

September 2010

17th – Giang

1st – Chase Tam

August 2010

18th – Elisha Lim

11th – Magdalen Hsu-Li

4th – Olivia Wu



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