You can contribute to Asian, Gay and Proud by doing any of the following things:

1. Be a part of Out and Successful.

Out and Successful is all about queer Asian people who are strong, inspiring, creative and proud to be queer.  If you’re proud to be out, then you’re successful!  Here’s how you can nominate your relatives, friends, teachers, and even yourself.

1. Nominee must be proud of their sexual orientation and out (you could even come out by nominating yourself!)
2. Nominee must be able to submit a high quality resolution head shot
3. Nominee must answer all the Out and Successful questions

Here’s how you nominate:
Simply answer the following questions.* Send me a head shot and a brief bio for the opener.  See the previous Out and Successful interviews for examples.

Who? name, age, what you identify as (or not)

What? what do you do for a living or things you would like to do

When did you come out? Any stories?

How did coming out impact your career or relationships with others?

Advice you can give to other Asian, Gay & Proud readers.

Send your pictures and answered questions to AsianGayandProudWebsite@gmail.com. All submissions must include a photo of the nominee. The nominator will be notified if and when their submission is posted.

*If you want something more personal or you feel that the five questions are too limited, contact me about an interview via Skype or googlechat.

2. Send in a coming out story

Visibility is really important to us at Asian, Gay and Proud, and coming out–in any shape or form–is a never ending process for queer people.  By contributing to the collection of stories by queer API, we can empower each other and learn about the diversity of experiences within our own community.

The coming out story can be about how you came to terms with your sexuality to yourself, your friends, your parents–anyone! If you would like to remain anonymous, please state so in the submission.  Please send all coming out stories toAsianGayandProudWebsite@gmail.com.

3. Links and Resources

Did you recently see a great queer Asian film? Is there a community group you’re involved with that supports queer Asians? If there’s anything you’ve seen recently that you think other queer Asians should know about, let me know! Shoot me an email atAsianGayandProudWebsite@gmail.com and I’ll post it to the Links and Resources page.

4. Suggestions, comments or questions

If you feel that a certain part of the website could look better, or if you have an idea about a new feature, I want to hear about it!  I’m always looking for ways to make the site better serve our community.  The same goes for any comments or questions you may have.  Let me know in an email to AsianGayandProudWebsite@gmail.com.  Thanks!

5. Donate

It’s crucial that queer API gain visibility in our communities.  Asian, Gay and Proud is a one-woman-show and all costs (money and time) associated with building this site have come out of my own pocket.  Please contact me at AsianGayandProudWebsite@gmail.com if you would like to donate money, time or resources to the website.  Thank you!



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