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Asian Pride Project + NQAPIA’s Public Service Announcements

If you’ve visited this site before, you know that we love bringing more queer, trans and questioning Asian Pacific Islanders visibility in the media. Our movements are often ignored and sidestepped when we’re not making and being a part of the media and it is for that reason that we’re extremely excited and proud to share … Continue reading

Ellen Kameya’s poem to her lesbian daughter

At the end of March, I visited the San Fernando Valley Japanese American Community Center for the event “Nikkei (of Japanese descent) intersections: An LGBTQ forum for everyone” hosted by JACL to see Harold and Ellen Kameya, RiKu Matsuda and Eric Arimoto speak on a panel to a mostly older and heterosexual/cis-gendered Japanese American audience. … Continue reading

Autostraddle’s 2014 Calendar Girls featuring Queer Asians

While 2014 is already two weeks in, I wanted to let you all know about Autostraddle’s 2014 Calendar, featuring a group of vibrant and smart women including a couple of Asian folks and plenty of racial and size diversity! The stories about how each of their lives and why they wanted to be a calendar … Continue reading

Androgynous Rock Fashion with Kiyomi McCloskey at dapperQ

Check out dapperQ’s interview with Kiyomi McCloskey from the Real L Word. Hapa pride!  http://www.dapperq.com/androgynous-rock-fashion-with-kiyomi-mccloskey/


My friend recently sent me the link to the site, WE ARE THE YOUTH which according to their About Page, is a photographic journalism project chronicling the individual stories of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth in the United States. The third person on their profile page is a queer, mixed race APIA artist named Sarah. … Continue reading

Coming Out Stories – Laurent

The internet had been available to the public for years but I wasn’t really aware of it until my brother installed the 56K modem on our old desktop for the first time in 1998. I immediately went to AltaVista.com and searched for the words “constant craving”, “lesbian” along with “playboy” because that’s where I first … Continue reading

Coming Out Stories – Madeline

My girlfriend at the time had been staying over, I was living at home, and my girlfriend had been coming over and spending nights there and it was clear to my mom that we slept in the same bed and that we were intimate with each other, and so I just told her, “Yes, I’m … Continue reading

Coming Out Stories – Magdalen

When did you come out? Any stories?  Came out in my 20s as a bisexual because I was outed against my will by others at a gig. Often people called me a lesbian when in fact I was bisexual. Took a stronger and more open stance as bisexual to clarify things to my fans and … Continue reading

Coming Out Stories – Miki

It was my sophomore year of high-school. I tried to act like everything was okay but I was miserable! Whether I was at school or looking up at the ceiling late at night, questions would creep into my mind.  Was I really gay? And if I was, how would I live my life? What would … Continue reading

Coming Out Stories – Miyuki

Before I knew what a lesbian was, I knew of my attraction to girls but it seemed only natural and complementary to my attraction to boys. My continual interest in art gave me a nice excuse to have pictures of nude women up on my wall, and I punched my guy friends in high school … Continue reading