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Out and Successful Interviews

Coming Out Stories – Giang

I came out when I was 19. I had been living away from home for over a year and started coming to terms with my sexuality during this stage. That was probably the hardest part – telling myself that it was okay to be myself and that my friends would be okay with it too.

My friends reacted really warmly. A guy I was living with at the time took a while to stomach it, but it was more so because he didn’t see it coming. Other people that I’ve told along the way have a range of reactions but I’m glad that I did come out – it’s really shown me who my real friends are.

As for gender, I don’t really come out or give myself a label. All I know is that I feel uncomfortable with the label ‘woman’ or ‘lady’, but I’m pretty happy with ‘girl’. I just live how I want and let others decide what they want to make of me. I have a few trans friends so often people will think I’m trans too but I don’t correct them, I am a trans ally.

(Excerpt from Giang’s Out and Successful Interview)


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