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Sony – 5/29/11

I was born, raised, and currently live in Maryland. I’m mostly Filipino, but I’ve also got some Chinese, Spanish, white American, and Cherokee. I was in an abusive relationship for a substantial part of my life till about three years ago when I began doing capoeira, a Brazilian martial art that incorporates dance and music. Capoeira gave me the … Continue reading

Jason Galisatus – 5/22/11

I recently stumbled upon a really endearing documentary called “Coming out in the 1950s” (you can watch it on youtube by clicking on the title) which featured three queer youths interviewing three elderly gays and a lesbian.  Turns out one of the interviewers, Jason Galisatus, has been an extremely active queer rights activist aside from this documentary.  … Continue reading

Angelica Gacayan – 5/9/11

It all started back in 2009 when Angelica’s girlfriend broke up with her because of religion. A university nursing student at the time, she had no choice but to move on despite being greatly emotionally affected to the point where she almost failed nursing school and almost losing the chance to fulfill the dreams of … Continue reading

Ben de Guzman – 5/2/11

Asian, Gay and Proud is extremely excited to have Ben de Guzman, a Washington D.C. based community leader in advocacy for recognition of the participation and rights of Asian and LGBTQ Americans. He is Co-director for Programs at the National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance (NQAPIA) and National Coordinator for the National Alliance for Filipino Veterans Equity (NAFVE). … Continue reading