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Giang – 9/15/10

Giang from the popular tumblr page FYAD (Fuck Yeah Asian Dykes!) has joined us today to answer some Out and Successful questions.  Giang actively participates in less radical groups and co-facilitate a queer social-support groups in New Zealand. She’s into the personal politics and exploring the power of media on society. She believes in building and maintaining … Continue reading

Chase Tam – 9/1/10

Chase is an incredible dancer as well as drag/gender performer based in Toronto, Canada.  This is how Elisha Lim described Chase to me: “[Chase] does these drag performances where he transforms Asian masculinity into the hottest vision possible!”  Nice huh?  He’s constantly redefining what gender identity is and without further ado, here are his answers to the questionnaire.  Enjoy!  Who? … Continue reading