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Olivia Wu – 8/4/10

Olivia Wu of Love Boat, the first fashion and lifestyle shop for queer women in Taiwan, joined us today for a personal interview to talk about coming out, her work at Love Boat and more! Olivia is an American born Chinese. After college, she found a strong desire to pursue mental, physical and spiritual wealth. She … Continue reading


Welcome to Asian, Gay & Proud, a safe space for Asian-American members of the LGBTQ (and questioning) community.  Check out our sidebar for queer Asian-American coming out stories, links, and other resources. Have you ever wondered why all the gay and lesbian celebrities were white? (Where was the token Asian actress in The L Word?) Did you … Continue reading

Elisha Lim – 8/18/10

Get ready for this. Elisha Lim of: the graphic novel 100 Butches (coming out later this year), the band Elisha and The One Hundred Butches, Sister Spit, One Hundred Percent Mixed, and her own blog New Art Every Day joined me today for an insightful and really laughter-filled interview.  Check in later for the podcast version.   Elisha Lim was born in Toronto and grew … Continue reading

Coming Out Stories – Ben

I made a very conscious decision the summer before starting college that I was going to be open about my sexuality from the start of my college career. It wasn’t an easy decision at the time, because I was not out to my parents or even my closest friends in high school. I didn’t really … Continue reading

Magdalen Hsu-Li 8/11/10

Magdalen Hsu-Li is a true Renaissance woman.  Music, art, poetry and activism–Magdalen has got talent, and she’s turning heads around the world. Despite how busy she is, Magdalen answered the Out and Successful questions for us today. Thanks so much for your time and devotion to the community Magdalen! Magdalen Hsu-Li is an internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter, painter, … Continue reading